Back in 1985

selling cars was so much easier

Scribbling was a sales management talent

Do you miss your sharpie?

In the 2000s we got slick!

Customers saw lots of payment choices

So professional without the scribbling.

Do you present payments this way now?

Whatever you’re doing now

You’re doing it wrong

unless you’re using illumiDEAL

don’t you love being told that ūüôā

It is time for the next iteration of payment presentations: illuminated Vehicle presentation.  Not on paper.

Four square worksheets made sense when most customers took short loans out.  18 payment presentations made sense when we wanted customers to lease.  With our finance profits mostly capped it is more a matter of just getting a car over the curb as fast as possible.

And why limit customers to paper, PDF attachments, photos from your iPhone? ¬†This is 2020 right? ¬†If it isn’t 2020 yet, let’s act like it is!

Better bait for Internet leads

Want lay downs again?