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The Real Deal

Your internet leads deserve more than a voicemail and generic email reply. With only 20% of automotive internet leads responding back to dealers, it’s easy to agree that we’re doing something wrong, universally, when replying to shoppers. When a car shopper reaches...

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Free lunch costs too much

With most automotive lenders doing away with incentivized programs for F&I managers, we cannot underestimate the power and potential repercussions of the “free lunch” in wooing car dealer finance business. It’s imperative to look at your monthly mix of deals and...

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You should intimidate women

Today is international women's day and we'd like to help car dealers celebrate by intimidating women. We hear women love visiting car dealerships. There is nothing better than getting confused about payments and hearing all the technical specifications on cars....

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We’re paying too much for new cars

Hey, Gang, we’re spending WAY too much on new cars.  Put down your pitchforks, I’m not suggesting we STOP buying new cars. The opposite, in fact. Well, I guess technically I am saying we should stop BUYING cars. But, not in the way it sounds. Allow me to remind...

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What is your dealership’s product?

Our manufacturers and vendors can answer this question easily about their own businesses, but can the dealers? A product is a “thing produced by labor or effort. “A “thing” isn’t always something physically tangible. Before we jump into digital retailing, let's get...

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Email is your biggest loss of business

We’ve always known about our phone answering problems, but I rarely hear anyone talk about what we’re saying to customers via car dealer email. Did you know that you can measure all sorts of things around email marketing and email responses to discover who is doing it...

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Demos suck. Test drives are the sh!t

We have annoying sales people who can give you a crappy GoToMeeting too.  You're more than welcome to jump into our buy or die sales process that will pound you into a crying pulp.  Or you can say "frik that" and test drive illumiQUOTE on your own time.


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