Fishing for a Response?

Use better bait

Send a magical link that put’s the customer’s money to work before making you give up yours.  Nobody needs to run to the sales tower for a number.

Get rid of all that tedious spreadsheet creating with pricing for the Internet department.  Fire things up the right way:  get your customers the numbers early.

They sent me a lead, asked for a price, wanted to know if the car was still available and won’t respond to my email. Customers suck!

70% of leads don’t respond.  Does that mean your BDC is wasting 70% of their time

Yes… maybe…

…or does it mean they’re sending irrelevant garbage 70% of the time?

They are fishing with the wrong bait.

Lots of Banks

We've got thousands of lending options.  For every car in our system we find hundreds of programs for you to customize.  Including your captives.

Unlimited Trades

Add as many as you want.

We don't even care if you're trading cars.  Trade baseball cards.  Let us know if you get a Babe Ruth.

Multiple OPtions

You have lots of cars to sell and you've been quoting your customer one car at a time.  WTF to that!

We can help.

Lease, Lease, Lease

You're a new car dealer with a lease penetration less than 40%???  You need help.

Start with the lease and keep it present at all times.

One Price?

Don't worry we won't hold it against you.  Actually, you make our lives so much easier!

Have you thought about becoming "no price?"


You ask if we're accurate and we'll ask you if your DMS is.  You might discover it isn't.

Can you handle that kind of accuracy?


Actually, we don't do this.  You do.

We give you everything you need to drop things into your CRM, iPhone, Android, or smoke signal.


All credit applications accepted!  We love the D Tier and you can too.

When a program has stipulations we let the customer know.


I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

You show customers exacts including the bank and build an open experience to drive trust.

Rebates for them

OEM incentives are applied to the applicable lending programs while open ones are open on all programs.

And it is done autoMAGICALLY!

Cash for you

You too can be Scrooge McDuck swimming in your own piggy bank.

Play with your own dealer cash without having to open that crusty program binder.

too highs

You know those customers that can only say "too high?"  Now they can put the payment they want in and we'll show them how to roll things to get there.  Without playing with your price!


The experience is illuminating for you and your customer.  They get to dive right into the payments and you get to know whether you have an engaged lead on the hook.  You also get to see everything they do.

Is it illuminating or Illuminati?

Dummy data shown – don’t lose your mind trying to do math.

Demos suck. Test drives are the sh!t

We have annoying sales people who can give you a crappy GoToMeeting too.  You're more than welcome to jump into our buy or die sales process that will pound you into a crying pulp.  Or you can say "frik that" and test drive illumiQUOTE on your own time.


I hate DemosI like Demos