illumiQUOTE keeps them engaged while they’re quarantined

Use these free email templates to keep customers engaged while the virus keeps us at home.


more engagement


the number of conversations your team has with your customers

  • Convert more of the leads you are already buying
  • Discover what motivates your customers
  • Watch customers engage in realtime
  • Use your own lenders and discover more
  • Maintain your pricing and maybe grow your profits



Of the time dealers are failing to close their Internet leads.


Of the time dealers are wasting energy attempting to get in touch with leads

Because dealers use the wrong tools

Averages as of the 1st quarter of 2020:

Study performed by Driven Data

2,000,000 internet leads were measured

Every year since 2016

5% closing rate in 2020

down 2% since 2016

16% of leads are engaging with dealers

by trackable CRM methods like email, phone, and text

31% of engaged people buy

the difference between engaged leads and sold leads


4x more engagement

What happens when your team speaks to 4 times more customers?

More appointments

More at bats leads to more base hits

More sales

It is simple logic:  talk to more people, schedule more appointments, and you will make more sales.

Dealers developed email, voicemail, and text responses meant to move the customer away from the question that brought them to us in the first place.  All because it is so hard to get personalized numbers for every customer.

A friktionless dealership does not fight the desk to get numbers with illumiQUOTE.  And the customer is wowed by the speed.  When the desk says “just get them in” you can excitedly say “no problem!”

Wise Abe

The gorilla on the roof

Templates on us

Even if you don't use illumiQUOTE we still want to see your lead response game improve!

See illumiQUOTE yourself

Let us take you for a spin through the customer experience and then we'll show you how cool it is to be a dealer!


  • Internet lead engagement with CRM automation
  • Payments integrated in your website
  • Consistent price and payment experience from the web to the floor to close deals faster



  • BDC to start the lead engagement
  • Enhances your Internet department’s efficiency
  • Operates 7 days a week


We would be hypocrites if we weren’t transparent too

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