No leads or demos required…

because we’re dumb salespeople

Wow!  Pricing you didn't have to submit a lead for

We charge a month ahead.  We also discount for auto-paying with a credit card.  And cancellations are simple:  just stop paying us.

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illumiQUOTE brings your Internet leads to life by giving them an illuminating journey through the financials of the car they inquired on and/or your entire inventory.

It illuminates you as to whether you have a shopper or a waste of time.  And if you have a shopper you'll know what motivates them.

illumiQUOTE offer

illumiQUOTE grandfathered for the next 24 months at a ridiculously reduced price.  This offer is available until illumiQUOTE grows up to become illumiDEAL.  

$999 per month

Initial Integration Fee

Unfortunately, we have costs.  In order to get your store(s) setup, we have to pay some other parties too.  

Fortunately, this is a one-time payment.

$699 once




Desk deals under glass with speed and precision never-before realized.  illumiDEAL walks a manager into newfound profit without having to spend 20 minutes thumbing through a binder of lending programs.

Oh, you only use a captive lender?  You're leaving money on the table.  

illumiDeal: Making Managers Creative Again.

illumiDEAL without autopay

All the wonderful and magical things you have read on this site are available to you at a price point that would make us VERY happy.  Don't write checks when you can use your Black Card.  Get credit card perks!

$2,399 per month

illumiDEAL with autopay

You have a credit card and like a little savings.  Even though you aren't going to make us VERY happy, we'll settle to make everyone's lives easier.

And you still get illumiQUOTE + illumiDEAL.

$1,699 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible to be more accurate than my DMS - I don't believe you!

You must be the person who configures the DMS.  And the sales staff just goes along with what it says because it is the DMS.  It is God!  

It ain't God.  It is just a calculator from the 1980s.  And it is only as good as the data one puts in it.  You won't be the first dealership to realize there are some things off in the DMS.  We are happy to help you figure it out though.

How long are your contract terms?

For however long you pay in advance.  If you pay your bill monthly, then you're on a month to month.  If you pay your bill yearly, then you're on a yearly.  We take payment in advance of what we deliver to you... just like you do with your customers.

How do I cancel?

Stop paying us.  You don't pay, we don't service.  

A word of caution to not paying.  We grandfather your pricing to when you sign up.  If you ever decide to come back the new price reflects the current price; not your old price.

What is involved in the Integration Fee?

We pull your inventory and match it up to our system.  It isn't as easy as it sounds because every dealer has prices and vehicle details in different places in inventories feeds.  Our industry would be so much easier if there were data standards for these things!

Next, we scrub your inventory in a Chrome Data bath to "standardize" things for illumiQUOTE.  That way your customers can view your cars in a consistent manner.  They'll also be able to tell what options a car has.

Before we rush out to grab all the lenders, programs, and all that financial stuff, we do some really neat relational tinkering in the database.  It is that tinkering that makes it so we can mash all of a dealer group's cars together and to allow you to set up multiple advertising landing sites if you so wish to do so.

Finally, we throw each of your cars into the financial washing machine (that kind of sounds like money laundering - it isn't) to get a full load of applicable lending programs for each car.

Oh yeah, we also grab some taxes.  And some rebates.  And some lending fees.  And some dealer cash.

You can supply your processing fee later.

Why are you not certified with my DMS provider?

Because it is expensive.

Why should I take you seriously?

We like humor.  It might not be everyone's flavor of humor, but that's all it is.

Collectively our founders have over 50 years of dealership experience mixed with another 30+ years of experience building technology for car dealers.  We love the industry!  We love dealers too!  We just want you to have a few laughs while browsing this site.

Unfortunatlely we're profressional (mostly) in person.

Demos suck. Test drives are the sh!t

We have annoying sales people who can give you a crappy GoToMeeting too.  You're more than welcome to jump into our buy or die sales process that will pound you into a crying pulp.  Or you can say "frik that" and test drive illumiQUOTE on your own time.


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