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Quick Answers

How do I reset my password?

Inside your illumiQUOTE page look for “Dealer Sign-in” at the top right corner.  It is next to the search box.  You can click on that to find the reset password link. 

How do I add/remove an employee?

We are happy to do that for you!  Call our support team at 833-374-5462 or drop us a line below.

How do I change the banks we use?

There is no limit to the number of banks you can set up in illumiQUOTE.  In the top right corner of your illumiQUOTE site is a settings link.  Of course, you need to be logged in first.  Assuming you’re logged in click settings and scroll down to the bank section.  Choose your bank(s) from the drop downs and add more with the plus + button.

You can remove banks here too.  The minus x will drop that lender.

Changing banks will not have an immediate effect on your entire inventory.  It will take a little time for everything to recalculate with the new lender’s programs.  However, individual vehicles can be updated by making any change to the pricing, zip code, or any other editable number that will impact the deal structure.  

How do I change a fee?

In the settings area you can change, add, or subtract fees.  Make sure you are logged in first and then click the settings link next to the search bar at the top of your illumiQUOTE site.

How do I change taxes?

Taxes are available for every state in the United States.  You can change them or your customer can change them.  All that needs be done is to change the zip code anywhere you see it.

To change the default taxes you need to go into your settings.  Be sure you are logged-in first and can see the settings link next to the search bar at the top of your illumiQUOTE site.

We recommend that you make your default tax zip code the same one your dealership physically operates in.

Billing Answers

How do I change a credit card?

Want to get some points on a different airline eh?  Or did you finally splurge on the black card?

Either way, we have you covered.  Give us a call at 833-374-5462 and ask for support.

My credit card expired

Your credit card expired and you haven’t heard from us yet?!!!  Shame on us!

Or were you dodging our calls?  Then shame on you.

Let’s get this handled quickly.  Call 833-374-5462 and ask for support. 

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